Survival Product Review: Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter

I first purchased this water bottle as an element of my “get home bag.”  The idea is that if there were ever a situation where my wife had to get home from her work or school, she would have a means of filtering water, no matter how contaminated, and safely drink it in limited quantities.

I’ll say that my first impression of the product is extremely positive.  The bottle is light weight beyond belief.  The filer is easy to install and rated to remove Bacteria, Chemicals/Toxins, Particulate, and Protozoa.  Although the asking price for the bottle seems to be around $45, I managed to get mine on sale at Gander Mountain for around $20.  All in all, a great deal, even at the $45 price point.

The filter is rated for 100 liters, or roughly 26 gallons.  It won’t last forever, but should be more than enough to get you home in the event of an emergency, which is the purpose for which I bought the product to begin with.

Bottom line, I’m impressed with the bottle and think it’s well worth the money.  It’s a great little filter for the money.  However, it’s not enough to be the centerpiece of your survival water strategy.  I would recommend one of Katadyn’s larger products for that job.