ISR Cognitive | Business Continuity Planning ExpertsBlogging about zombie prepping is a bit of fun for us.  We post, however infrequently, to have a bit of tongue-in-cheek discussion about the future.  If we don’t post often enough for your taste, it’s because we have a real business where we do things like futurism and business continuity for real companies with real problems.

ISR Cognitive is a consulting firm owned by the same people who produce this website. We specialize in a couple of things:

Business Continuity: Just like some people prep for the zombie apocalypse, others who own businesses need to be prepared for certain worst-case scenarios.  What would happen if extreme weather forced you to relocate at a moments notice?  What if an act of terror shut you down?  Do you have a plan for the most common contingencies in your area? ISR Cognitive can help with that.

Futurism: We all know that a zombie apocalypse is not the most likely scenario for the end of society as we know it.  But thinking about the future and putting together survival tips is the essence of what futurism was intended to be.  We can apply similar smartness to thinking about your business and the context of your industry and helping you be prepared for what might arise.  Our consultants are all educated to the Master’s level in disciplines such as business, economics, and marketing.  Check out ISR Cognitive if we can help you in any way.

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