About Bex

Bex is a 23 year old graduate student and aspiring author. Blessed with insane curiosity and a wickedly fast internet connection she's spent an inordinate amount of time researching how to survive when the world collapses.

How to Siphon Gas Without Dying

Classic garden hose gas siphoning; we’ve all seen it done and let’s face it when we’re honest with ourselves we think it’s pretty cool.  Generally our movie hero will look like a total badass as he cuts the ends off a hose with a bowie knife and then goes to town sucking gas out of some abandoned police car with little to no negative consequences.  I’m here to tell you what a dumb idea this is in any actual apocalyptic situation; so pay attention.

The Dangers of Drinking Gas

Let’s start our talk with the dangers of drinking gas.  In any situation where society has gone to shit the last thing you want to do is put yourself in need of medical attention unnecessarily.  Continue reading