Robbing the Pharmacy: Three Drugs To Grab First At The Onset of Zombie Apocalypse

best drugs to have in a zombie apocalypseIn the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, at the tipping point where it becomes clear that society as we know it has ceased to exist, when the cops can no longer be expected to maintain control and the world begins to slip into chaos, my prepping team has a few objectives.  First, we will organize our raiding party and attend to the local gun store, absconding with as much ammunition and weaponry as possible.  Secondly, we will raid the local pharmacy.  Post apocalyptic economics tend to suggest that guns, ammo, and medicine will be akin to gold following societal collapse.

The ethics. Listen, I’m not a sociopath.  I don’t break the law.  Hell, I rarely even speed anymore.  I pay my taxes.  I’m not a bad dude.  But I also understand that the framework of society as we know it allows me to have the luxury of behaving this way.  The police officers, army, hospitals, ambulances, and other such societal constructs allow me to live relatively without fear, and thus conduct myself in a “civilized” fashion.  Remove those constructs, and it becomes a world where speed, surprise, and violence of action are required for survival.  No police to protect me.  No hospital to stockpile medicine.  No ambulance to come and get me if I  hurt myself.  It’s a different game.

So, while you’re debating ethics, we’re going to be taking what we need to weather the storm.  Having a plan when you arrive at the pharmacy is of the utmost importance.  Others will likely follow your lead once they see what you’re doing, so you must have priorities of work.  Mine are as follows:

1) Penicillin.  Still among the best antibiotics in the world.  Find the shelf that has it, and load it up.  You might also consider grabbing all of the Daptomycin, Linezolid, and Quinupristin-Dalfopristin you can find as well, as many forms of bacterial infection have now grown immune to the “old-school” antibiotics.  Staggering fact: Without antibiotics, 75% of the people alive today wouldn’t be here because their ancestors would have succumbed to infection.

2) Morphine.  Morphine is the active ingredient in opium, used from time beyond memory to treat pain. Isolated in the early 1800s, morphine was named after Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams.  It’s always good to have on hand in an emergency situation, especially when field surgery may be necessary.

3) Insulin. Even if you don’t have any diabetics among your crew, it’s practically gold in terms of bartering power.  Take as much as you can find, and remember to keep it refrigerated.  How would you do that, you might ask?  Try googling “Clay pot refrigeration” for one simple method.  In fact, I may follow up with another article on historical refrigeration methodologies.

Hey, listen.  I’m not a doctor.  I’m just leveraging common sense to try to survive a few extra days over here.  My advice on this matter is worth what you paid for it, and you should speak with your physician regarding your unique requirements for emergency stockpiles of medicine.

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