The Zombie Apocalypse Every Day Carry

EDCYou’ve probably been seeing the #EDC memes flying around Instagram for a while now, so we thought we might weigh in on what common sense dictates that you might want to have in your “Every day carry” should a zombie infestation take root.  An EDC, as the name suggests, is that kit which you carry on your person at all times when you are not at the house.  Remember kids, gear at home does you no good if you’re at the mall when the zombie horde hits the wire.

1) Concealed weapon (pistol)–There’s so many arguments for make and caliber that we’re not going to go there.  However, we do suggest that you have one if the laws in your state allow it (or consider moving to a state where they do). Never hurts to have a spare magazine as well, particularly in sub-compacts where your load capacity is going to be smaller.

2) Sharp knife–Not all knives are created equally either.  I’m a big fan of Bram Frank’s blades, because they are designed for killing, pressure point manipulation in the closed position, and kinetic opening for escalating force options.

3) Multi-tool–Because nothing will piss you off quite as much as having the sharpest knife in the world when all you need is a Phillips head screw driver.  Or a can opener.  I can’t tell you the horror stories I’ve seen from dudes trying to open a can of soup with a knife and a rock.

4) Tactical pen–Smith and Wesson makes a good one.  If you must have a writing instrument on your person (trust me, you must), you might as well have one that doubles as the bludgeon of destiny.  The Smith and Wesson tactical pen is essentially a Filipino Dulo with a writing instrument inside.

5) Flashlight–Because zombies don’t need daylight to eat brains, and you’re often away from home at night, you need a flashlight.  Extra cool points if it connects to your gun.

6) 550 chord bracelet–I like the ones from Survival Straps.  They’re made in America, in my very own city of Jacksonville, and they look awesome.  Never know when you might need to secure a hostage or spelunk down a cliff.

Everybody seems to have their own super-clever variation on the EDC.  Maybe you get off on having some bubble gum in your pocket, or a fancy something-or-other for that special situation of your dreams.  Whatever the case may be, you need to get an EDC and start carrying it right now, before the zombies arrive.

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