Body Armor: The Perfect Zombie Protection

Guest post by Anthony from Safeguard Armor

Not many people understand the functioning of soft body armor. This type of armor is not very soft, but is surprisingly pliable, and this surprises people whenever they handle it initially. Many first-time users are skeptical about how this armor can protect them from ballistic projectiles, knives, or spikes. The truth, however, is that soft body armor is just as effective as hard body armor in protecting the wearer from any sort of harm, even from zombies.

Hard body armor is designed from sturdy material, such as steel, polyethelene, and ceramic. It is stiff, and somewhat heavy. The principal behind this type of armor is that it is strong enough to stop, or deflect a bullet, or knife. This principle has held up most of the time, but the armor restricts movement, and is uncomfortable to wear for long periods. In 1881, Dr Goodfellow saw a gunfight, where the victim was saved by a folded handkerchief, which slowed down the bullet significantly. This observation led to the research and development of soft body armor. This type of armor works by absorbing the effect of the bullet, and spreading it along its structure. If you are familiar with a soccer goal net, you know how the net absorbs the impact of the ball, and spreads it along its netting. This is the same principle applied by soft body armor.

Kevlar is the most common soft body armor, and was developed in the mid 70’s by the DuPont Corporation. This synthetic material was found to be 5 times stronger than steel of the same weight. The material was initially developed for tires, but its strength caught the attention of body armor manufacturers. The threads are woven into other materials to create a vest that one can wear to get protection against bullets, spikes, or knives. However, Kevlar is only effective when dry. When wet, it can allow a projectile to go through since the moisture provides lubrication for the bullet to travel through the material.

As a Zombie Prepper, you must be ready for any collapse in society that may bring along the rise of the undead. This means having protection against any sharp objects that the zombies may have. Soft body armor is your best option. You can wear this armor at all times, whenever you are in the field, hunting down zombies, thereby ensuring your survival. With this armor, you can move swiftly, and engage in combat without any hindrance. Materials are being developed to provide shelter, and therefore protection, when you are facing-off zombies. A material that is flexible, but can assume the properties of cement has been developed for the purposes of providing a protective structure, within which, you can hide from zombies.

Whether you are a law enforcement officer, military personal, or a zombie researcher, you need to have protection whenever you are in the field. Online retailers and body armor suppliers like safeguardclothing are now stocking zombie proof armor. Soft body armor will provide you with enough protection from most bullets, spikes and knives. Read reviews about the available models, then make your decision on which one to buy.

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